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I want to encourage you to choose health. My counseling provides you with a strategy for healthy eating, feeling better mentally, emotionally, and physically. I invite you to visit my website to learn more.
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Leona Sokolova wrote
Mindful Eating
Here is a great mindful-eating approach. When you pay attention to how you eat, meals become satisfying and delightful. Food must be a pleasant experience. Mindfulness in eating is about having a good relationship with food and yourself. A good relationship with food will help you gain and maintain good health and an ideal weight. Mindfulness involves what you eat and how you eat. Having an occasional meal in silence and spending quality time with yourself feels marvelous.
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Leona Sokolova wrote
Delicious Coffee
Nowadays we can try hundreds of coffees from around the world, such as Arabica, Colombian, Turkish, Italian, and decaffeinated. Coffee provides a bitter flavor that our taste buds desire. Drink the highest-quality coffee you can obtain. One of the highest-quality brands available is Arabica. Try to buy 100% organic. It is also best to buy whole coffee beans and grind them just prior to use or buy small amounts of freshly ground coffee. If buying decaffeinated coffee, look... see more for steam- or water-processed. Herbal coffees are also available. Some kinds contain no actual coffee. They tend to contain roasted soy, barley, or chicory, sometimes combined with other herbs and spices.
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Natan wrote Leona Sokolova
How are you ! Where is your photo????
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